Sales Courses

Sales for Non Sales-People

This one-day interactive workshop will provide you with an understanding of the sales environment and give you basic skills required to meet client challenges.

Fundamentals of Selling

This two-day workshop provides a sound foundation to the skills and qualities needed to turn opportunities into results.

Successful Selling Techniques

This two-day interactive workshop focuses on a dynamic sales process that will assist you to develop a more structured sales approach and enable you to quickly develop the skills and techniques that can enhance your sales performance.

Consultative Selling Skills

This two-day high impact workshop focuses on how a sales person works in partnership with their customers to explore and identify
customer issue and needs. You will learn how to help your customers make an informed decision that not only solves problems but
also adds value. You will also understand why customers buy and more importantly why they should buy from you.

Stepping Up to Account Management

Managing accounts is stepping up to a planned approach to lift sales results with existing clients. This two-day workshop will concentrate on the skills to deliver short, medium and long term growth plans to your clients.

Developing and Delivering Winning Sales Pitches

This one-day workshop takes participants through the pitching process, from the crucial foundations of understanding the client brief and requirements right through the vital preparation stages to the delivery of a confident, stylish bid presentation.

Prospecting and Networking to Win New Business

This workshop is all about combining the best of the well proven ways of the past to new and innovative methods and will provide opportunities to increase networking capabilities.

Memorable Sales Presentations

This action packed one-day workshop is based around individual sales presentations and focuses on preparation, practice and
performance. With ever increasing competition, this course enables you to engage with your audience to support differentiating your
company from your competitors and stimulate a more desired reaction from your audience.