When People Gather Around the Same Values, Synergies Emerge.



Over the years, we have developed a set of Team Building themes that  energise people and boost team dynamics. Based on subjects like team bonding, company values, innovation or conflict resolution, they create a unique, memorable experience for participants while meeting key organisational objectives.


This programme has been designed to allow companies to bridge the gap between the values of the company and what the employees are actually living on a daily basis. It focuses on breaking the values down into behaviours, or ways of acting, that are essential for the company to achieve its goals. Value Centered Team Building uses experiential learning methodology to encourage learning by activities. It recreates the circumstances which employees encounter in their everyday tasks in a non-formal environment, where they have to rely on communication, team work and creativity to succeed in their tasks.


More than just a Team Building activity, the Corporate Adventure is an innovative concept which is a blend between a Team Building and a themed adventure. Participants are placed in a specific context (or era) and have to adapt to set conditions for the whole day. It is a day of exhilarating fun and challenge that gives participants the opportunity to bond, while bringing out their best as individuals and teams. Out Of Africa, Mauritius Typical Adventure or Criminal Minds are just some of the themes we have developed so far. Custom themes can also be created to best mirror the specific industries within which companies operate or to reach specific HR objectives.


The Culture Development Programme (CDP) is a customised intervention across the company that aims at defining the behaviours that a company believes in and would like its employees to portray on a day to day basis. The CDP methodology involves all employees in the organisation in the development of the cultural fibre of the company and in getting all people to define what each behavioural trait represents at their respective levels.

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