Team cohesiveness and employee alignment with corporate values are of utmost importance to ensure strategies are actioned. Over the years, TALENTS has developed a set of Team Building themes that go beyond mere fun days, it strengthens bonds and maximises synergy in teams.

The Team Building activities focuse on subjects like Team Bonding, Company Values, Innovation or Conflict Resolution. The aim of these activities are not only to meet the key organisational objectives, but to create a unique and memorable experience for your team.

All our activities are customised depending of your corporate values and requirements.

We also offer various types of Team Building activities such as:

Value Centered

The Value Centred Team Building has been designed to allow companies to bridge the gap between the values of the company and what the employees are actually living on a daily basis. It focuses on breaking the values down into behaviours, or ways of acting, that are essential for the company to achieve its goals. Value Centred Team Building uses experiential learning methodology to encourage earning by activities.

Theme Base

The Theme Based Team Building is customised to strengthening a team’s customer service and planning skills, improving the communication and collaboration skills within the team as well as dealing with conflicts.


The Executive Team Building helps individuals in transitioning into leadership roles, identify and address the issues that are limiting the organisation’s success and build stronger bonds with their colleagues.

Corporate Adventure

The Corporate Adventure does offer valuable educational experiences that can improve business practices. Corporate adventures will help participants attain their aims; whether it is more effective communication among departments, enhanced relationships among key employees, reminding employees of fundamental human values in an indirect but immensely creative manner.