Potentia – Business

POTENTIA aims at bringing out the best in people by first empowering them to become responsible professionals and then nurturing leadership qualities. We enhance their self-esteem and boost their motivation, which results in more professional people, engaged teams and reduces staff turnover.

This training programme consists of intensive courses designed to enhance skills of manuals, operative and support staff, and is ideal for companies in the hospitality, manufacturing and service sector.

Innovative methods, sensorial tools or role plays are at the centre of our methodology. This positively impacts on the mindset and attitude on the workplace

Potentia – People

POTENTIA PEOPLE is a unique programme designed to empower people from vulnerable groups to pursue their goals independently with greater confidence. It helps them stand on their feet, both morally and financially.

The success of POTENTIA lies in our extensive experience in this area and our proven methodology which uses accelerated learning techniques specifically designed for adults. Most importantly, at the heart of the whole process, lies the passion of our trainers who embrace a human approach as they indulge in the art of transformative training.

The POTENTIA PEOPLE programme is done in close collaboration with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and companies through their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) departments

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