Talents celebrates 5th anniversary: Bluprints Formula revealed

Talents has marked its 5th anniversary with fanfare. Various activities have been organized to celebrate this milestone. A gala night was held on the 24th of August at Talents to close the week’s events and to thank contributors on all fronts for this journey.  The highlight of the evening was the unveiling of Talent’s Blueprints formula.

“Culture remains such a defining factor today in the life of any enterprise. It can make or break an organisation. Even though it is a construct that is intangible and hard to quantify. Over the years Talents has developed a very strong Culture and in our quest to want to maintain this culture, we have partnered with the South African firm BLUPRINTS in order to define our Cultural Formula”, said Mr Benoît Adolphe, the Manager of Talent’s, in his speech.

All organizations have a unique ‘DNA’ for success. The bluprints conceptor and founder, Guy Martin of Blueprints Business Genetics, has developed a unique methodology to systematically decipher the ‘Genetic Code’ of any organization in a mathematical form, bring it alive in an art form and measure the degree to which the organization is living by its code in statistical form.